Monday, October 18, 2004

Youth Ministry...the calling of a lifetime!

It seems that as I end the completion of my degree in Youth Ministry, I am aware now more than ever before that I have been called to this thing...this creature...this group of teenagers that I love so much. There have been many times when I have doubted whether or not my calling was real or just something that I desired to so...but as I am writing a lengthy research paper on the early church father, John Chrysostom, I realize I don't want to do this but I am willing to for the sake of my kids. It seems kind of weird to think about homework as ministry, but every paper I write, every test I take, and every page of notes that I copy down, I am constantly doing it for my students. I want to be better equipped so that I can better equip my students, the Bible calls them saints, for works of service. The saints thing is debatable but I am called to lead them none-the-less. Whether you are in school or in ministry (or both for those who really like punishment like me) keep your head up and realize that you do it so that your students will come to know Jesus, the ultimate Youth Minister.